Kurti announces that Kosovo will not recognize Serbia’s university diplomas

Vetevendosje chairman, Albin Kurti, has warned of reciprocity with Serbia regarding the recognition of university diplomas. He wrote on Instagram that since Serbia does not recognize university degrees from Kosovo, reciprocity also means not recognizing diplomas (of Serbia by Kosovo). He took the example of a student from Bujanoc, Serbia, […]

The Director Of Kosovo Intelligence Agency Resigned From His Position

Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj, has announced the resignation of Shpend Maxhuni via Facebook, saying he has accepted his resignation. At the same time, Haradinaj wrote that he decorated Maxhuni with the Skanderbeg Medal.The reasons for Maxhuni’s resignation have not been disclosed. “I have accepted the resignation of Mr. Shpend […]

Nik Adams, is leading a UK delegation visit to Kosovo to discuss the UK’s Prevent programme

The United Kingdom National Prevent Coordinator, Detective Chief Superintendent (DCS) Nik Adams, is leading a UK delegation visit to Kosovo to discuss the UK’s Prevent programme with his Kosovan, Albanian and North Macedonian counterparts. By bringing the three countries together we can work closer, share information and share experiences in […]

The verdict of The Suprime Court demands the counting of votes from diaspora, whitch were deemed unlawful from Electorals Complaints and Appeals Panel (ECAP).

The Supreme Court, today has ruled in favore of Self-determination Movement (Lëvizja Vetëvendsoje) regarding the 1806 ballot boxes that came from diaspora. The court approved the request of Self-determination Movement (Lëvizjes Vetëvendsoje), to change the decision of Electorals Complaints and Appeals Panel (ECAP). Now Central Election Commission (CEC) is obligated […]

Palmer:”Serbia will not join the EU unless it recognizes Kosovo’s independence

Serbia will never join the European Union without recognizing Kosovo, said Western Balkans State Department Special Envoy, Matthew Palmer in Pristina. According to Pristina-based media, Palmer said to the students at the National Library of Pristina that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic knows that Serbia would never join EU without solving […]