Kosovo’s Central Election Commission (CEC) published Thursday the final results of early elections held on 6 October 2019.

The CEC chairwoman Valdete Daka publishing the results said that there are 1 million and 961 thousand voters. The voters’ turnout was 44,72 percent. Daka confirmed that based on final results of elections the ranking of political parties is as follows: Vetevendosje movement has won 220.811 votes or 26,29%, LDK 206.458 or 24,458%, PDK won 178.645 or 21,163%. AAK-PSD got 96.883 votes or 11,47t%, Srpska List 57.015 votes or 6,74%, Nisma-AKR-PD 42.072 votes or 4.984%”. Based on the final results of elections Nisma headed by Fatmir Limaj remains under the threshold.  

Daka also informed all political entities and candidates that complaints related to the final results can be submitted within 24 hours at Election Appeals and Complaints Panel. Nisma party has announced appealing the results which might delay certification of the election results. All the detailed results can be found in the following link. /Kosovopress/

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