Vetevendosje and Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) held Monday a new round of talks on forming new Government after Kosovo held elections on 6 October. After today’s meeting the Vetevendosje representative Glauk Konjufca told media that he expects the talks on forming new ruling coalition will be concluded in ten days. 

Konjufca said that during Monday’s meeting working groups of Vetevendosje and LDK agreed on harmonizing healthcare and education program. “Today we met to discuss healthcare and education. Our working groups negotiated position of each political parties and we agreed on most of the topics,” Konjufca said. The Vetevendosje representative said the two parties have yet to discuss sharing of powers in new Government. “We have not scheduled yet a meeting to negotiate on sharing of powers,” Konjufca told media after the meeting. 

He said the working groups in the next meeting will discuss on social policies adding that on political issues and foreign policy, the discussion will be held at the highest level of two parties. Konjufca implied that the Vetevendosje as winners of elections will head new government saying that “the candidate to form new government will be from a political entity which won majority of votes.” When asked on reaching a post-election deal, Konjufca said: “I think the negotiations on forming of the new Government will be concluded in ten days.” /KosovoPress/

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