Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj, has announced the resignation of Shpend Maxhuni via Facebook, saying he has accepted his resignation.

At the same time, Haradinaj wrote that he decorated Maxhuni with the Skanderbeg Medal.The reasons for Maxhuni’s resignation have not been disclosed.

“I have accepted the resignation of Mr. Shpend Maxhuni, from his post as the director of the KIA. I thanked Mr. Maxhuni for the professional cooperation so far in protecting our country and our people. For his contribution to state and institutional obligations, I decorated Mr. Maxhuni with the Scanderbeg Medal, with the motivation for the professionalism and loyalty in service to the homeland, “Haradinaj wrote on Facebook.

In the end, Haradinaj said that “during this mandate, the Government of Kosovo has been steadily engaged in strengthening the rule of law in the country and security institutions. Mr. Maxhuni’s role has been of particular importance and today, KIA is one of the most professional and credible institutions in the country and beyond ”. /Kosovopress/

The original post from Mr. Haradinaj

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