The Supreme Court, today has ruled in favore of Self-determination Movement (Lëvizja Vetëvendsoje) regarding the 1806 ballot boxes that came from diaspora.

The court approved the request of Self-determination Movement (Lëvizjes Vetëvendsoje), to change the decision of Electorals Complaints and Appeals Panel (ECAP). Now Central Election Commission (CEC) is obligated to verify and count 1806 ballout boxes coming from the citizens living outside of Kosovo.

Earlier, The Electorals Complaints and Appeals Panel had refused as groundless the apppeal form Self-determination Movement, when they asked that 1806 ballot boxs coming from the voters outside of Kosovo, that have arrived in Central Election Commission, to be processed as regular ballout.

The news for The Suprime Court verdict was announced from Self-determination Movement officials. /Kosovopress/

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